It’s okay-Don’t lose your vision!

There may be circumstances and encounters which make you fall, fail and make you sick and indeed these are the real times which will make you grow into someone more mature, responsible and resilient. The times when you don’t feel like getting up, when everything and everyone go against you, when your patience starts shivering and when the noise of a single shadow inside you brings goosebumps and negativity within you, these challenging times are the ones which shake you to the worst and in turn is making you grow to your bestest. To stay positive and believe in self becomes questionable and negativity starts ruling over you. This pessimism has the power to stay for longer time and affect us intensely. Keeping your vision and dreams intact, shifting the light to positive and faithful essence is really important to keep the soul and dreams alive.

It’s okay to fall and break, it’s okay to stay there for a while to regain yourself and in the process keep the perseverance, patience, optimism and faith burning, and in turn gradually getting up with more resilience and unfolding a beautiful discovery.


Strong will power and support system – Pillars against Addiction

Addiction is a sweet poison. Those who are addicted to substances or alcohol don’t need these things or medicines as a long term means to cure their addiction or their problems, but along with medicines need a strong support system and will power to help them when they face any challenge. They need someone to listen to them, need new strategies to fight against uncertain disturbing events and thus building a will power which would circumvent any craving or withdrawal.
It’s beautiful how much a person imbibes and when she/he walks with a strength, will and determination along with the close ones, everything in the world becomes possible.

With a will to become a better and healthier human being along with the support of loved ones, addiction can be ceased.


#Serendipity. #Connectivity. #Bonds. #Stay.

The things which we receive quickly are not worth having because they have the susceptibility of losing charm too quickly. While the pearls received with adequate investment and patience are precious. One of the easiest task is to make friends or build bonds, while one of the challenging one is to stay qualitatively in each other’s lives. Things are easy when they are mutual but when the essence of reciprocation decreases things start becoming messy and irritable. The bestest ties are the ones where in this essence of mutual connectivity remains intact and the investment and patience keep on increasing with understanding and maturity.

It’s beautiful how someone can stay in our lives insightfully the essence of which is felt not simply through someone’s words but through someone’s authentic actions because words may lie but authentic actions never do.
Being authentic, humble, and qualitative in a person’s life throughout unfolds Serendipity whose echo is infinite and stays forever.

Against the Flow!

#Photography. #RailwayTrack. #Path. #AgainstTheFlow.

The route is defined by You. You can either walk like everyone is walking and Go With The Flow Or can take a different route and start exploring your own path and Go Against The Flow. Just like Robert Frost has very well said..Two roads diverged in a wood..And..I took the one less travelled by..And that has made all the difference.

There is no need for everyone to understand your journey except for your ownself and to an extent for the people you love.

Go. Explore. Take risks. Don’t be afraid to fall or be judged. Be courageous to try new routes, form a trail and create history.

Power care holds~

#Photography. #Insight. #Care. #Love.

The affect Care holds is huge. Being unconditionally curious about each other’s day to day happenings, getting concerned if someone isn’t well, not making someone eat but yeah getting high if someone hasn’t eaten and then making them eat, to be empathetic in someone’s sorrows and joyous in one’s happiness, all of these and some more forms the basis of Care. Just like a flower if not given appropriate care may die or have a stunted growth, each one of us may become feeble as well.
A small token of care can enlighten an entire soul completely and can enhance love as well.

Stay the way you are!

The purity and genuine essence of nature is flawness. Everything in nature grows at it’s own pace and stays the way it is. Even after encountering challenges nature has the power to stay genuine, enthusiastic and alive.

Just like the nature put yourself everywhere. Don’t bend down. Keep the zeal alive and keep trying . Life has many options and nothing stops at a single or multiple halts. Just keep going. And don’t give up. You never how the journey can surprise you with beautiful explorations. Have faith. And Be the Crazy Messy Perfect Fallible Rude Stupid and Real You.

Importance of Failures~

A beautiful saying “Unless we fail we can never grow”. We stay at the same level if we don’t experience setbacks in the journey of accomplishing our dreams. There is a tremendous potential in each one of us which comes out when we are tied with challenges. When things are easy to conquer, the essence of hardwork and perseverance is feeble to be felt while when the things are challenging and we acquire them, the beauty of that essence is magnificent.

Don’t give up due to failures. Challenge them, work hard on yourself, and achieve everything you have dreamt of.